GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Python Software Foundation

scikit-image : Implementation of STAR and Binary Feature Detectors and Descriptors

by Ankit Agrawal for Python Software Foundation

Feature Detectors and Descriptors are at the center of many tasks in Image Processing and Computer Vision. Good Feature Detectors extract out the keypoints that are robust to image transformations like scaling, different viewpoints, change in intensity etc. Good Feature Descriptors extract a compact description of a keypoint which can be used to accurately match or correspond keypoints in multiple images and hence are widely used for tasks like Image Registration, Object Recognition and Tracking, Stereo Vision etc. This project focuses on implementing STAR(CenSurE) and Binary feature detectors and descriptors like BRIEF, ORB(Oriented BRIEF) and FREAK to extend the features module in scikit-image.