GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 RTEMS Project

Atomic Operations and SMP lock debug tool for RTEMS

by Deng Hengyi for RTEMS Project

This project is continuation of last year GSOC project. In the last year the architecture-independent atomic API has been developed and the implementation of X86 and PowerPC has been completed. So in this year the project’ goal is to support all other architectures. The task includes that a general atomic ops should be defined to support all the architectures which do not support SMP mode. And in order to make RTEMS support SMP completely it also should make the existing synchronization primitives SMP-safe, such as semaphores, mutex, spinlocks and etc. But this task is complex and is hard to debug. So in there I proposal a lock debug tool used to debug the lock problem, like deadlock and recursive lock.