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Get better at social 

ThinkUp is a powerful but simple app that helps you get more meaning from the time you spend on social networks. ThinkUp is a PHP-based, open source (GPLv3) application which provides a newsfeed of insights into user activity on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. ThinkUp's pluggable platform makes it easy to enable input sources for other networks too, like YouTube, Instagram, and Flickr. (These are plugins we'd love for a student to build this summer!)
Gina Trapani founded the ThinkUp open source project in 2009, and leads active development that includes regular contributions from dozens of developers worldwide. ThinkUp's relative youth means that we use the latest and greatest best practices and tools, such as GitHub, Travis-CI, object-oriented code, a simple MVC framework, responsive design with Twitter Bootstrap, and jQuery. We practice test-driven development with a focus on usability first, great coding standards, and complete documentation.
Anil Dash and Gina Trapani founded ThinkUp LLC, the company behind ThinkUp's development, in 2012. We're working to distinguish ourselves not on providing some sort of enterprise support or consulting, but by constantly improving the usability and utility of ThinkUp for ordinary users, making our platform something that people find indispensable and delightful.
We pride ourselves on having a developer (and user!) community that's made up 100% of nice people. As a result, our developer community is diverse in terms of gender, identity, geography, age and ability. That diversity makes our app better.
As a returning Google Summer of Code mentoring organization, we have a track record of helping new developers make important contributions to the ThinkUp platform, and of helping the best developers in our community find rewarding jobs at the top companies in the tech industry as a result. We're excited to be part of GSoC again, and we hope you join us.
A few things that will help get you started:

See you this summer.


  • Develop plugins and exciting new insights for ThinkUp My project this summer is to develop the YouTube plugin, the Instagram plugin and integrate all the existing ThinkUp insights in their respective contexts. My proposal also includes developing some compelling new insights such as Emotional Quotient, Interaction Graph, Outreach Punchcard, Virality Index, Popularity Timeline, Engagement Factor and Filter Crazy.
  • YouTube Plugin I will develop a plugin for ThinkUp that captures the users videos on YouTube and associated analytic data. This data will be then used to generate insights into their YouTube activity.