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Google Summer of Code 2013 The Wiselib

Javascript Interface for Remote Controlling WISEBED Nodes

by Fabian Bormann for The Wiselib

"The Wisebed Testbed enables the easy deployment of large scale wireless sensor network experiments without the need to buy the expensive sensor node hardware. However, programmers still have to learn an embedded programming language and put up with the tedious debugging characteristics of a large embedded network. To lower these prerequisites for starting with the development of sensor network applications (e.g., for students), this projects aims at creating a remote control interface for wisebed nodes, which allows the easy programming and debugging of these applications inside a Webbrowser. For this, several wiselib applications need to be implemented for the different sensor node platforms, which expose the fundamental functions of the node hardware (such as: send(), receive(), getSensorValue() or switchOnLed()) to a Control Server, which is connected to all nodes via the testbed infrastructure. The Control Server then exposes these interfaces via a JavaScript interface, which allows the remote development and debugging of a sensor node application inside the browser of the programmer, enabling the interactive reprogramming of the nodes at runtime." -