GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 The Wiselib

IPv6 extension with Distributed Protocol Stacks

by Dániel Géhberger for The Wiselib

The IPv6 protocol stack has been already implemented for The Wiselib, but some complicated, heavy parts (eg.: 6LoWPAN, Neighbor Discovery Protocol) need too much program memory and as a result the protocol stack is usable only on less resource constrained devices. The proposed implementation of the Distributed Protocol Stacks (DPS) enables the usage of more resource constrained platforms as well. With this solution a DPS client node has to bear only with the UDP and the basic ICMPv6 layers and it is able to use the rest of the protocol stack on the DPS server via remote procedure calls. Depending on the used testbed/deployment the implementation of the DPS can even multiply the number of IPv6 ready devices with The Wiselib.