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The Eclipse Foundation

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Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.


  • CoAP support in Kura through Eclipse Californium implementation of the transport layer using CoAP protocol and the Eclipse Californium library.
  • Eclipse approved data collection In order to understand how and for which reasons developers are using Eclipse, many Plug-ins want to collect some usage data. The main problem with any data collection technology is privacy, therefore plug-ins should ask for approval before collecting usage data. The goal of this project is to collect such user approval before sending the data to any external server. Any operation that uploads data must be “opt-in”.
  • Eclipse EASE Jython Debugger As proposed by Eclipse the idea would be to extend the EASE script interpreter for Python with debugging functionality using parts of the existing JavaScript debugger as well as the Jython debugging package. The main goal is to provide a full Eclipse plugin that offers all necessary Python/Jython debugging functionality.
  • Eclipse IoT: Port Eclipse Kura over Eclipse Concierge OSGi runtime Kura is a Java and OSGi based application framework for IoT/M2M service gateways. Kura currently leverages the Eclipse Equinox OSGi framework for its runtime. The goal of this project is to port Kura over Eclipse Concierge, an implementation of the OSGi core specifications that is well suited for embedded and mobile devices.
  • Eclipse Sirius: Specification model initializer I am João Martins from Portugal where I study in University of Évora and this is my 4th year since i enter in University. and my 3rd year try to enter in GSOC.
  • Generics support for JFace viewers and migration of Eclipse UI viewers The JFace viewer framework is useful for tools that interact with the User interface. Although it is a widely used API, JFace viewers do not support Java 1.6 features. Therefore, developers have to adapt their work to supply the absence of Generics using explicit casts and type checking. During this process, time is wasted implementing repetitive solutions, resulting in a verbose code. Extending the current API to support Generics could be useful to improve the quality of client programs.
  • GeoTiff Reader for the GeoTrellis Project through the Eclipse Foundation GeoTrellis uses GeoTools to read their GeoTiff data. GeoTrellis can write GeoTiff data natively. The GeoTools dependency is quite large according to the maintainers of GeoTrellis and rather slow as well. GeoTrellis reads it's own file format, ARG (Azavea Raster Graphics) files, much faster than GeoTools reads GeoTiff files. Instead of using GeoTools, GeoTrellis has put it up on Google Summer of Code 2014 to address this issue with a new, fast, Scala module for reading GeoTiff data.
  • JFace Template Editor for SnipMatch Continuing last year’s GSoC project, entitled New text editor for SnipMatch, this year’s project plans to correct some of the mistakes made during last summer (based on the experience from last year, some implementations decisions were reconsidered), and bring forth new and more exciting features.
  • Logging Center for Eclipse Implementing a SLF4J based logging framework for eclipse.
  • MQTT Google Chrome App Creating »Internet of Things« applications can be challenging, having the right tools for the process is vital. I will contribute a MQTT debugging application running with web technologies in Google Chrome to the M2M-Eclipse community. The application can be installed as a native application on any platform supported by »Google Chrome offline Web App«.
  • Multi-band Raster support for GeoTrellis with Eclipse Foundation GeoTrellis is part of The Eclipse Foundation. It provides framework to process geospatial data. It hasn't proper mechanism to handle multi-band raster. This project is about to implement this feature in to GeoTrellis.
  • Rich Data Visualization for Developer Statistic Developer Statistics is an incubator project of Eclipse Code Recommenders that tracks how developers use their Eclipse IDE. The goal of this project is to develop a rich visualization of the collected data.
  • Snippet Sharing Infrastructure (Eclipse Code Recommenders) Snipmatch (Code Recommenders incubator project) allows developers to search for code snippets. In the future Snipmatch would also like to help developers to share their knowledge and benefit themselves from the knowledge of others in form of code snippets. Alas, the current implementation has some restrictions in relation to the sharing aspect. The goal is to improve Snipmatch to provide a powerful snippet sharing infrastructure to inspire people to share their snippets with the world.
  • SWT Wayland Port A port of the SWT widget toolkit to work with the Wayland display server on Linux machines. Additional optimization work will focus on the performance of the Eclipse IDE on such a system.
  • Target language aware action code editors for eTrice This project aims at providing target language aware editors for the editing the action code embedded inside the state machines of eTrice, a project under the Eclipse Model Development Tools (MDT) intended towards implementation of the ROOM Modelling language, by proving editors with syntax highlighting & model aware content assist within the property dialogs. Also, dialogs would be provided for editing the operations & user code of actors and the protocol classes.
  • Tooling Support For OSGi Remote Services This project focus on creating brand new tooling support for simplifying the creation and registration of OSGi Remote Services with specific distribution providers and specifications. And the related documentation to the project.