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The Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IAI) at the University of Bremen, Germany, headed by Prof. Michael Beetz, investigates methods for cognition-enabled robot control. The research is at the intersection of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and includes methods for intelligent perception, dexterous object manipulation, plan-based robot control, and knowledge representation for robots. Robots performing complex tasks in open domains, such as assisting humans in a household or collaboratively assembling products in a factory, need to have cognitive capabilities for interpreting their sensor data, understanding scenes, selecting and parameterizing their actions, recognizing and handling failures and interacting with humans. In our research, we are developing solutions for these kinds of issues and implement and test them on the robots in our laboratory. A particular focus of the group is on the integration of individual methods into complete cognition-enabled robot control systems and the release of the developed software as open-source libraries.


  • GSoC 14 - project proposal for "Reasoning 3D CAD models of objects" This is a GSoC 2014 project proposal to the Institute of Artificial Intelligence at the University Bremen. The main topic addresses the project idea "Reasoning 3D CAD models of objects". The proposal presents my statement of motivation, my software development skill set and my educational background that recommend me for the project. Moreover, it includes a tentative high level implementation plan given the discussions I have had with the mentor, Moritz Tenorth.
  • GSoC Proposal - Mihai Baltac - Institute for AI, Universit├Ąt Bremen This document has the purpose of presenting my interest for the "Virtual Robot Scenarios in Gazebo" CRAM project and reason on why I am suited for working on it.