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Inclusive Design Institute

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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The IDRC is the lead organization of the Inclusive Design Institute (IDI), a collaboration of eight Ontario post secondary institutions, together focusing on the development of inclusive information technology. IDRC is primarily a research and development organization, part of the Department of Design at OCAD University in Toronto. Its primary mandate is to promote access to information and information technology for all. Many of its activities involve working with international and local standards groups to introduce accessibility related specifications into their developing standards. It is an organization made up of computer scientists, engineers, educators, and practitioners, who all work together to develop leading edge technologies that are inclusive to everyone. The IDRC and IDI are not-for-profit organizations. They offer services for people with disabilities, providing guidance on issues related to learning, technology use, and access to information.


  • AChecker HTML/DOM Review Currently AChecker validates only static html. Some accessibility issues can not be identified by the static validation. for e.g a lot of processes within a Web application are triggered by Document Object Model (DOM) events. Thus, the idea is to improve the checks, according to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines, and thus extend the current AChecker implementation to validate the DOM including dynamically generated Web content Additional Info URL contains proposal in PDF format
  • AChecker Spider and Summary Reports The main idea for this project is to add more tools and options to allow AChecker to evaluate conformance with various international accessibility guidelines for a collection of web pages and sub domains and so on. Output for new options will be a set of reports. Once these tools are added, current AChecker API will be extended to add these features to it.
  • ATutor Public API / REST Webservice This project involves creating a public API for ATutor. This would enable developers to create their own applications which use ATutor services, and then use the services for various purposes- from creating tools to their own mobile applications.
  • ATutor Testing/Assessments Enhancements The aim of this project is to introduce accessible timed tests in ATutor. A tool would also be added which would allow instructors to add time to a test on a student by student basis, thus accommodating students who require extra time. Other features like adding partial marks to multiple answer questions would also be added.
  • ATutor Usage Module The project aims at delivering a Usage Module for ATutor which generates a variety of usage statistics. The tools and paths followed of users will be monitored and statistical data will be collected. It also require presenting of detailed analytics through visualization. The project will result in better understanding of system to users (students, instructors and administrator).
  • Collaborative Editing for AContent The aim of the project is to integrate wiki-like editing features into the AContent editing system, to allow multiple users to collaboratively create, write, add, and edit e-learning content along with content versioning. The idea is to choose an already existing open source wiki (like Dokuwiki), integrating AContent and wiki user’s management, adapting wiki features according to user’s permission and finally integrating the wiki versioning system into the content management.