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LibreOffice is a comprehensive, professional-quality productivity suite that you can download and install for free. There is a large base of satisfied LibreOffice users worldwide, and it is available in more than 30 languages and for all major operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva, Suse, ...).


  • Calc / Impress tiled rendering support Implement tiled rendering for impress and calc, which would be needed for mobile and online versions of LibreOffice, on the basis of the current implementation in Writer.
  • Connection to SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive I plan to extend the libcmis in order to provide means to connect with Microsoft SharePoint and OneDrive instances. I find this project to be extremely important as companies that have been using Microsoft products by their own or in collaboration with other companies can easily migrate to an open source solution and still have the main features available. I firmly believe that implementing this feature will further increase LibreOffice’s popularity among business companies.
  • Dialog Widget Conversion I want to convert the remaining 20% of dialogs that need converting to the new format. If I end up, I will ask my mentor what else can I do. And I will try to do other UI improvements.
  • Dialog Widget Conversion LibreOffice's dialogs are described in .src files which is a custom format. Positions and sizes of elements are fixed, e.g. the size of a cancel button is the width of the longest translation of Cancel in all supported languages. There is a large effort underway to retrofit a more modern layout approach to our existing code. The task is to help complete the remaining 20% of dialogs that need converting to the new format.
  • Enhancing text frames in Draw The aim of this project is to implement features of text frames in Draw, specifically: - text background color; - flow of content from one frame to another; - hyphenation. This project is based on the GSoC idea “Improve Text Boxes in Draw” in Libreoffice wiki.
  • GSoC 2014 student proposal to LibreOffice Valentin's proposal to LibreOffice for the project "Refactor god objects".
  • Implement Adobe Pagemaker import filter Pagemaker is available but not actively marketed as desktop publishing application.Import of Pagemaker files is unsupported by LibreOffice suite that I know of, substantially hindering migration of end users to other software. I intend to change that by writing a Pagemaker import filter for LibreOffice that is as complete, correct and bug-free as possible.
  • Improve Usability of Personas My proposal aims to improve the “Personalization” dialog in LibreOffice. The current implementation requires the user to open a browser and find the theme they want to apply to the suite. This certainly is not the right way to go on about applying a theme. The correct way should be to display the themes in the dialog itself, and applying one when the user selects it.
  • Improved Color selection In all LibreOffice applications, the colors can be picked from a color palette defined in the global options. This is particularly annoying when the user wants to use several palettes, reuse palettes from other applications like Gimp or Inkscape or simply choose a color that is not in one of the palettes.
  • Improvements to the Template manager Template manager is implemented as a part of previous GSoC. It is not a mature part of LibreOffice. There are some inconsistencies, bugs and performance issues. Also there are some features missing. So the idea is taking Template manager from its "It works." state and making it to "It works great!".