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Google Summer of Code 2014

Open Motion Planning Library

License: New and Simplified BSD licenses

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We are a team of researchers and developers working on efficient implementations of state-of-the-art motion planning algorithms and their integration with other open source software. The library is aimed at robotics researchers, robotics students & educators, and industrial end users. In 2012 OMPL was awarded the Grand Prize in Open Source Software Word Challenge (, an open source competition organized by the South Korean Ministry of Knowledge and Economy.


  • Implementation of C-Forest, Bidirectional FMT and their combination My proposal consists on implementing two different modules for the OMPL: a parallel framework for simple-query sampling-based path planners and a new planner, the Bi-directional Fast Marching Tree. In the third and last step of the project, I plan to combine the two previous part into a single optimal planner which will, most probably, outperform the current approaches significantly.
  • Improving OMPL Performance with Threading and Experienced-Based Planning Several aspects of OMPL will be improved during this project, as time allows. A multi-threaded RRT* algorithm will be implemented that achieves superlinear speedup for shortest path problems. Cost-based planning will be improved by updating the T-RRT algorithm with recent advances. Experienced-based planning will be added to OMPL to reduce planning time using various cutting edge methods including sampling from constraint manifolds.