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Google Summer of Code 2014


License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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We're developing phpMyAdmin, a MySQL web interface. It supports most MySQL features, is widely used by database administrators and well supported by hosting providers.


  • php Error Reporting Currently phpMyAdmin has an error reporting server, which collects information about javascript errors and an error reporting module which sends reports only of javascript errors to the error reporting server. In this project I propose to extend the existing error reporting module and server for collecting runtime PHP errors as well. PMA's current error reporting server needs many improvements. Implementation of some of them are also proposed as a part of this project.
  • phpMyAdmin Interface Improvements Project, Interface Improvements, aims at improving the phpMyAdmin web interface by adding more and more functionality to it and refining the existing ones. The goal of this project is to migrate the users from less user friendly My-SQL's console interface to extremely powerful and portable Web Interface completely. This project will bring many new features like Simulate query, Preview SQL, easy access to “SHOW CREATE”, range search capability, multiple-column foreign key relation and many more.
  • Refactoring: Designer/schema integration Being one of the most renowned open source software for MySQL administrator, phpMyAdmin is a widely used tool. It has matured with many new features and improvements for many years, with the contribution of the open source community. But there is always a tendency for issues such as, similar kind of features being implemented, code duplications and eventually degradation of the code quality. The intention of this project is to address these issues under several aspects and improve its quality.
  • SQL Query Console PhpMyAdmin is the most popular MySql management tool and and has a long history. SQL query window needs to be replaced, also on the GSOC 2014 ideas list. A query console at page bottom with query history, query and PMA log, that is my proposal.
  • Structure tools This project aims at implementing two new features or structure tools for phpMyAdmin. First one is to have a central list of columns per database and second one is to implement automated normalization of database which is expected to bring the database structure to 3NF.
  • User interface enhancements My project is “User Interface Enhancements”. The goal of user interface design is to make the user's interaction as simple and efficient as possible, in terms of accomplishing user goals—what is often called user-centered design. It will make User Interface of phpMyAdmin more friendly and simple to use. This project will include implementation of new features in phpMyAdmin to enhance its User Interface.