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Google Summer of Code 2014

The Privly Foundation

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The Privly Foundation empowers the Privly community to participate in and contribute to privacy software projects by building a community of mutual support around Privly development. You can find more details on Privly at the consumer site ( and our wiki


  • Develop Mobile Version of Privly [Android] The goal of this project will be to inject more data sources into the existing app as well as provide smoother user experience using latest Android design including fragments, actionbar, navigation drawer, pull to refresh and widgets. It will include improving the interfacing with the injectable applications to make sharing easier as well as make reading of received content easier.
  • Develop Mobile Version of Privly(Android) Empowering existing application privly-android. Improvement of the application design. Completion and modernization of the GUI. Finalization of graphic design (optimization for different screen resolutions). Adding support for gmail,
  • Extensions User Experience improvements Improve how user interacts with extension from the time when they first install the extension, to everyday usage. Make the process of logging in, creating a new message, edit message, as seamless as possible.