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Google Summer of Code 2014

License: Apache License, 2.0

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Mailing List:!forum/timvideos is a group of exciting projects which together create a system for doing both recording and live event streaming for conferences, meetings, user groups and other presentations. We hope that, through our projects, the costs and expertise currently required to produce live streaming events will be reduced to near zero. We wish to develop a system where everyone has the ability to record presentations and host live remote participants across the globe. Whether you want to work hands-on with hardware or code in a variety of languages, we have a project for you. Join the team!


  • Adding Ethernet support to HDMI2USB Today, pervasiveness of mobile devices has enabled sharing and connectivity unparalleled in human history. Making this experience a better reality at home or anywhere requires inventing cheap, reliable and scalable solutions. Live video streaming needs such a solution. is an open source effort in this direction. Being a contributor in the open source hardware space, it is a nice fit to learn and expand the skill-set while making an open source contribution to the community.
  • Bug Reporting System This project aims to create an automated bug reporting system for TimVideos website. The system performs automated data collection for debugging purposes and this data is transferred to a database. An admin can then view the reported bugs, give them a priority, mark them as resolved etc.
  • developer website can be awesome! I would like to help in making website awesome. I will achieve every requirement related to that issue and add something more, I want to create a modern, responsive website with essential information's related to project. What is most important is the content of website and website should not be the triumph of form over substance. I hope that I will be good candidate to help you and community.
  • Dockerizing Flumotion, Building a Build System This is a proposal for TimVideos for GSoC 2014. This proposal is centered around the 'Dockerization' of Flumotion allowing for quick and portable deployments of the TimVideos streaming system. Following completion of Dockerizing the streaming system, work will begin on an automated build tool based on the newly Docker'd components.
  • MJPEG Core Optimisation This project aims at optimisation of MJPEG core in the firmware to support full frame rate recording. The current frame rate recording for 720fps is 15 fps. This is slower than usual frame rate of HD videos. To make the performance of the system acceptable the frame rate should be increased to a minimum of 30 fps for 720p and a maximum of 120 fps for 1080p.
  • Port Flumotion to the gstreamer-1.x API Flumotion is an essential part of the backend of the streaming system used by to stream content live. Flumotion uses GStreamer 0.10 at its core. GStreamer has now moved to version 1.2.3 and version 0.10 is no longer being maintained. There will be no more releases, not even bug-fixes. Also, GStreamer 1.x provides many architectural advantages over the 0.10 version. So, Flumotion needs to be ported to the new version.
  • VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys This project will add VGA Capture feature using VGA capture expansion board for HDMI2USB on Digilent Atlys Hardware. VGA interface is still most common, hence it will provide greater reach to HDMI2USB project. This project envisages adding an expansion board along with associated HDL, with least modification to current HDMI2USB core while using most present components like JPEG encoder, buffers and UVC USB components.