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WSO2 is an open source middleware company. All WSO2 products are 100% open source and released under the Apache License Version 2.0. The set of products correspond to about 20 different open source projects, which is a connected family of projects, based on one code base and a unified platform. Each project, in this family of projects, address a unique aspect of the open source middleware platform. The projects include back end technologies involving application integration, application development, API management, cloud platform as a service technologies, business process management and monitoring, complex event processing, data technologies and presentation technologies. The operation model of the open source projects closely resemble the Apache way of open source operation. All projects are discussed, designed, built and tested in the open, using Apache like open source model.


  • Automated test case generation tool for WSO2 products Propose tool will support to wso2 product for generate Test suit and Test scenario document. This tool take test scenario documents written in natural language as an input and produce appropriate test suite.
  • BAM Toolbox for WSO2 Business Process Server (BPS) This project focuses on WSO2 BPS related statistics such as BPEL related and human task related. The proposal contains the comprehensive mechanism for caturing data that is genarated at BPS, publishing catured data to the WSO2 BAM and BAM toolbox for presenting data.
  • Implement Registry Extension (RXT) 2.0 + Associated UI support Configurable Governance Artifacts are one of many well-defined extension points supported by the WSO2 Governance Registry. Using the RXT model, users can model an asset to suit their requirements. This project focuses on improving the RXT model to use JSON and provide enhanced usability to users when creating a new asset.
  • Mediation Debugger for WSO2 ESB Currently in WSO2 ESB, the only possible way of debugging the message flow is to put log mediators in the sequence flow. ( Even though the remote debugging is there which is based on JVM runtime but here focus is on Synapse configuration based debugging which is also known as mediation debugging. ) This project is about how standard debugging capabilities be adapted to the Synapse configuration based mediation flow and integrate those capabilities to WSO2 ESB.
  • Tom for Gery – Jaggery Tomcat Runner At present Jaggery scripts can only be executed in a carbon server runtime. The goal of this project is to port the app deployment and execution modules to work with Tomcat server runtime. This will enable developers to write Jaggery scripts and directly deploy them in Apache Tomcat. By porting it to vanila tomcat Jaggery script update time, application deployment time and also the runtime distribution size can be minimized.