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Google Summer of Code 2014


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wxWidgets is an open source C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base.


  • Add support for taskbar features under Windows Vista/7+, and OS X Windows Vista/7+ has added support for several new features to the taskbar which are all accessible via ITaskbarList3 interface, we can implement wrapper with this interface to help developers get rid of COM while implementing taskbar functionality, so that they can write more pure wxWidgets code. Notice that we can provide some of ITaskbarList3 functionality under OS X and Ubuntu Unity as well.
  • Bring the wxUniv port up to current wxWidgets standards Currently, wxUniv have many fundamentally bugs and drawing issues. This proposal will bring the wxUniv port up to current wxWidgets standards and let it have a good appearance.
  • Implement wxGraphicsContext using Direct2D Currently, wxGraphicsContext is implemented using GDI+ under Windows. GDI+ seems, unfortunately, to be abandoned by Microsoft and has a lot of problems including generally very poor performance and horrible text rendering, especially at small font sizes. Since Windows 7 (and Vista with updates installed) another solution is available: Direct2D. This project would consist of implementing a new wxGraphicsContext backend using this new API, and its companion DirectWrite for the text output.
  • Improve wxQt port and wxPython for Android proof of concept A previous GSoC project has created the basics of a wxWidgets port to Qt. The task for this year would be to make this port really usable and complete the missing parts, suitable for developing small applications with it, bringing the wxQt port up to current wxWidgets standards, updated to Qt 5.2. As a proof of concept to explore the capabilities and limits of the mobile environment and rapid application development, a minimal prototype of wxPython using wxQt for Andorid could be developed.
  • Integrate and extend the Chromium backend The aim of the project is to provide a new webview in wxWidgets(wxWedViewChromium) based on Chromium Embedded Framework(CEF3) to developers. The project involves integrating and extending the existing webViewChromium backend for wxWebView on three major platforms(Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • wxWidgets port to android project proposal Android is one of leading portable OS, and extending its capabilities with wxWidgets is must do. This will be next step in wxWidgets being fully cross platform while capturing important parts of each platform such as screen, touch gestures and low power consumption. I want to make all this possible by working on wxWidgets port to android.