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X.Org Foundation

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The X.Org Foundation (or X.Org for short) is a foundation chartered to develop and execute effective strategies that provide worldwide stewardship and encouragement of the X Window System and related projects (Mesa, DRI, Wayland, etc.). The X.Org Foundation has an open membership, and a Board of Directors which is elected from the membership. X.Org develops the X Window System, the standard window system for open source operating systems and devices. Today, as the result of more than 20 years of work by teams of leading open source developers, most of the graphical user interfaces for Unix and Linux systems rely on X.Org. The X.Org Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for non-technical support and guidance of the X.Org project. X.Org is responsible for the design of the X libraries which interface with application, the acceleration architectures used for graphics, and the graphics and input drivers. In particular, it has been at the center of the recent restructuring of the Linux graphics driver stack.


  • Expose NVIDIA's GPU graphics counters to the userspace This project aims to expose NVIDIA's GPU graphics counters to the userspace through mesa. This idea follows my previous Google Summer of Code which was mainly focused on reverse engineering NVIDIA's performance counters. The main goal of this project is to help Linux developpers in identifying the performance bottleneck of OpenGL applications.
  • Improve Compute Memory Pool In this project, the first objective will be solving a bug related to mapped OpenCL buffers. The second objective will be implementing compute_memory_defrag, so we can reduce the space between items after the items that were in between have been freed, improving the GPU memory usage. The third objective will be reducing the amount of memory transfers between the host and the GPU.
  • Wacom Support for Wayland Describes my plans for adding support for Wacom tablets and digitizers to Wayland by modifying libinput, along with a biography of myself and my programming experience.
  • WGL support in Waffle The objective of this project is to add WGL support to the Waffle library, which is used by piglit to perform OpenGL testing.