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Google Summer of Code 2015


License: New and Simplified BSD licenses

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BuildmLearn is a group of volunteers who collaborate to promote m-Learning with the specific aim of creating open source tools and enablers for teachers and students. The group is involved in developing easy to use m-Learning solutions, tool-kits and utilities for teachers (or parents) and students that help facilitate learning. The group comprises several like minded members of a wider community who collaborate to participate in a community building process.


  • BuildmLearn App Store for Windows Phone & Android BuildmLearn AppStore is a store for educational mobile apps created using BuildmLearn Toolkit. Anyone using the BuildmLearn AppStore will have access to all published applications. This application will also have various templates using which the apps can be rendered. The project was to develop apps for both Windows Phone and Android during the GSoC ‘15 period.
  • BuildmLearn Toolkit on Android BuildmLearn toolkit for android will be based on plugin architecture. Each template will be a plugin, and toolkit app will be the system. Plugins will fit into the system. This will allow us to add more plugin (template) in the future without changing the functionality of the system.
  • Educational mobile application for BuildmLearn In this mobile application, we aim to visualize data from various mobile phone sensors. The target audience for this application is researchers and academicians. The application would detect various available sensors on a mobile device and allow to measure data from these. The application also provides visualisations for real time (live) and pre-recorded sensor data.
  • Label the Diagram for BuildmLearn Label the Diagram is a mobile application which is intended to teach diagrams found under subjects such as Biology, Physics, Science to the school children through mLearning. The application itself provides a cool, user friendly environment or platform to study the diagrams by labeling the diagrams using popular drag and drop feature and consists with various gamification techniques such as badges, achievements etc.
  • New Templates for BuildmLearn Toolkit Currently, BuildmLearn-toolkit supports 4 templates i.e, Flash cards, Basic mLearning, Learn spellings and Quiz. This project aims at creating 4 new templates (Video collection, Match the following, Dictation and Comprehension) for the toolkit. At the end of the project, builds for all the 4 templates will be released for all the platforms i.e, Unix, Windows and MacOS.
  • Practice Handwriting Application Project Proposal This mobile application is helpful to children who are learning how to write, by allowing them to practice their handwriting skills. The application would present letters & words, and allow the kids to trace them. Voice/Speech/Haptic warnings would be given instantaneously when the trace is wrong. The kids would be able to save traces for their own self assessment.