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Google Summer of Code 2015

MinnowBoard Project

License: New and Simplified BSD licenses

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The MinnowBoard project is a project working on open hardware, and it's support.  While we are focused on hardware, the software is what makes it all possible and spans multiple different areas, and areas that make a difference.  These areas include making low speed I/O buses more accessible via intermediate open source libraries, improving the open source firmware we have to not only improve our user experience, but all boards that make use of the same firmware.  We are attempting to help enable software that helps make everyone's experience with open hardware better, regardless of the hardware's origin.


  • Add ACPI and SMM support to U-Boot Advanced Configuration and Power Interface( ACPI) defines platform-independent interfaces for hardware discovery, configuration, power management and monitoring. Implementing ACPi in U-boot will enable support for many x86 boards.
  • HTTP Accessor Right now SyncDiff(erent) currently transfers files using a slightly custom protocol over TCP. This project would add an intermediate CGI that would allow a client to communicate with the server running via a web server. The communication protocol involves JSON.
  • WITCH On A Board WITCH On A Board is a Google Summer Of Code 2015 project which aims to use the MinnowBoard Max as the base for creating a unique replica of the WITCH as an educational tool to understand early computing techniques. WITCH On A Board has three specific goals, 1. Create a core software implementation of the WITCH 2. Replicate Input and Output systems 3. Create educational material to be used for understanding the WITCH