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Google Code-in 2011 Tux4Kids

Remove compiler warnings about missing prototypes and unused parms in tuxpaint magic/src/bricks.c and magic/src/calligraphy.c

completed by: Steve Ryan

mentors: perepujal

Many magic tools in tuxpaint raises warnings about missing prototypes and unused parameters, those warnings "hides" others that may be more important. Add the declarations and remove the warnings about unused parameters in the files magic/src/bricks.c and magic/src/calligraphy.c

Deliver a diff with your modifications.

Of course, if you see warnings other than the targeted ones in those files, and you feel confident about solving them, you are welcome to do, but they don't count for this task.

See src/tp_magic.h and magic/src/tornado.c to see how you should deal with unused parms.

See getting CVS for instrucctions on getting the source code of tuxpaint.

If you have any doubts about tuxpaint not specific to this task you can ask in the tuxpaint-devel mailing list. Remember to suscribe before mailing or your mail will be delayed until the mail admin has time to aprove it.