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Tux4Kids is a volunteer organization that was established to develop quality free educational software for children.  The original founder was Sam Hart, who is now only very peripherally involved.  Tux4Kids has produce three widely-used software programs.  The games feature Tux, the Linux Penguin.  Tux Paint (, created and maintained by Bill Kendrick, is an award-winning artistic graphics program usable beginning in very early childhood.  Tux Typing ( is a video game-style typing practice game.  It was originally written by Sam Hart and is now maintained by David Bruce.  Tux, of Math Command ( offers similar practice in basic math facts.  Tux Math was begun by Bill Kendrick and is also now maintained by David Bruce.

All programs are GPL-licensed Free/Open Source software.  They are written in C and use the SDL libraries for graphics and sound.  They are extensively internationalized via GNU gettext, and translations are available in dozens of languages.  The Tux4Kids programs are featured in the educational collections of all major Linux distributions, as well as other free software collections such as MacPorts and the BSD Ports Collection.  Standalone binaries are also released for Windows and OS-X.

Tux4Kids was a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code in 2008, 2009, and 2010, as well as Google Code-In 2010.  Our programs were also the subject of GSoC projects mentored by other organizations in 2007 and 2011.

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