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Google Code-in 2011 Tux4Kids

Classify the magic tools of tuxpaint.

completed by: P David Vishal

mentors: perepujal

There are too many magic tools in tuxpaint and that makes hard find one of them between all others.

Classify the magic tools in categories of use(painting, filling, transforming, etc.) and propose how they could be splitted into several menus.

Deliver a text document which contains a description of the proposed menu in a form similar on how are described the tasks in this page.

See getting CVS for instrucctions on getting the source code of tuxpaint.

If you have any doubts about tuxpaint not specific to this task you can ask in the tuxpaint-devel mailing list. Remember to suscribe before mailing or your mail will be delayed until the mail admin has time to aprove it.