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Google Code-in 2011 Tux4Kids

TuxPaint Copyright fixes

completed by: Madhu Sudan Saraogi

mentors: sids.aquarius, perepujal

Look through all of the source and header files in TuxPaint and confirm that all files have appropriate copyright notices. Add a FIXME comment to any file that appears to be lacking appropriate notices.

Review all the source files (those ending in .c and .h) of tuxpaint and see if they have copyright notices,

Write and deliver a list of files lacking the copyright

See for instrucctions on getting the source code of tuxpaint.

If you have any doubts about tuxpaint not specific to this task you can ask in the tuxpaint-devel mailing list. Remember to suscribe before mailing or your mail will be delayed until the mail admin has time to aprove it.