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Google Code-in 2011 Tux4Kids

Document the process of creation of a new onscreen keyboard layout for tuxpaint.

completed by: ashwin103

mentors: perepujal

One of the new features of tuxpaint is the possibility to bring and use a keyboard on the screen

Currently there are only a qwerty and an abc keyboards

Add a new keyboard and document the process of its creation.

To do this, you need a hardware keyboard configured to a layout that is not qwerty, the xmodmap command available and the last cvs version of tuxpaint.

You have to run the command xmodmap -pke and put the output in a fille called osk/“layoutname.keymap”, then copy the files osk/qwerty.h_layout and osk/qwerty.layout to the name of your layout and edit them.

Deliver a html document describing the process of adding a new keyboard to tuxpaint and the difficulties you have encountered. Deliver too the files that will form the description of the keyboard itself, .layout .h_layout .keymap

Notes: 1) The creation of a new latin keyboard should be easy, I've putted Medium in the difficulty simply because I don't know enouth about the problems you may encounter with your keyboard, and because you must document it. 2) You really need the xmodmap command available in any xorg based distribution of linux so you need to run xorg/X11, if not the task will be of extreme difficulty 3) the layout should not be a qwerty layout.

See getting CVS for instrucctions on getting the source code of tuxpaint.

If you have any doubts about tuxpaint not specific to this task you can ask in the tuxpaint-devel mailing list. Remember to suscribe before mailing or your mail will be delayed until the mail admin has time to aprove it.