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Eclipse is an open source community, whose projects are focused on building an open development platform comprised of extensible frameworks, tools and runtimes for building, deploying and managing software across the lifecycle. The Eclipse Foundation is a not-for-profit, member supported corporation that hosts the Eclipse projects and helps cultivate both an open source community and an ecosystem of complementary products and services.


  • Activity tracing for Mylyn Extend the Mylyn task editor by new functionality, which allowed more traceability for Mylyn tasks. This new feature aggregates additional task informations like commits, builds and review. This additional informations will be presented in the task editor.
  • Diagram Layout in eTrice with KIELER This project aims at improving the Graphical User Interface of eTrice (which is a project under the Eclipse Modelling Domain intended towards implementation of the ROOM modelling language) by providing automatic lay-outing of diagrams in it's graphical editors. The lay-outing algorithms being employed are available under the KIELER project, which provides a lot of infrastructure for configuration and execution of layouts in various graphical editors in eclipse (eg: GMF and Graphiti based editors).
  • Eclipse Orion Chrome DevTools Extension My goal for this year’s GSoC is to write a Chrome extension that implements Orion as part of the current DevTools, with the extended goal of landing this functionality within Chrome. A Chrome implementation would give Orion a platform for exposing its functionality to developers everywhere.
  • Enriching Mylyn's Task Context with Breakpoints Mylyn does a great job building a context for our tasks. Yet, it is currently focused on files and resources that are used while accomplishing a task. However, nowadays the IDE has access to far more artifacts and activities that can be mapped to a task - for example: builds, reviews or commits. I propose to extend the Mylyn context model in order to allow for adding all different kinds of artifacts. Further, I propose to use this new functionality in order to add Breakpoint information to the context.
  • eTrice : Extended Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation eTrice provides an excellent implementation of the ROOM modeling language, equipped with graphical (Graphiti) as well as textual (XText) editors for both structural and behavioral parts. ROOM ( Real Time Object Oriented Modeling) is a domain specific language for distributed, event driven, real time systems and provides the clearest, simplest and the most complete modeling concepts for the real time domain. Through Extended Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation Based on Protocol Semantics, the idea is to equip the protocol (set of incoming and outgoing messages for each port of the actor) with a semantic description defining the allowed message replies for each incoming message. This idea is very powerful as it would be able to check for incomplete and invalid state diagrams and generate proposals for state machine. More features and advantages of this idea are explained in detail in the following sections.
  • Future enhancements for Salvo Newsreader ECF newsreader/Salvo is a project with the aim of facilitating communication through newsgroups or other Q/A type structures. Using Salvo users can post or read articles in heavily used eclipse newsgroups. Asking and responding to questions is intergraded to the workbench by a last year GSOC project. Aim of my project is to enhance newsreader by enhancing the usability and user friendliness of Salvo(Enhance the Digest View). And also implementing the needed file system store changes mentioned in .
  • Generic Action Code Language The goal of this project is to create a language to describe the Detail Code for eTrice plugin which will be integrated with room models and provide the execution code for these models . Another important and must goal of project is to make converters from the source model+GACL code in eTrice to target language which can be Java or C/C++ .
  • Graphical Inquirer of GPU Programs (GIG) The Gauss Research Group has created a new tool called GKLEE that does a formal verification of CUDA programs. I wish to integrate GKLEE's debugging potential into Eclipse's Parallel Tools Platform.
  • Merge SnipMatch into Eclipse Code Recommenders Eclipse Code Recommenders is a set of tools that make IDEs more intelligent, reducing development costs. Code Recommenders provides intelligent code completion, extended javadocs, smart bug detectors, stacktrace search engines and other similar features. I will add code snippet search, sharing, and autocompletion to the Code Recommenders project. SnipMatch is a code snippet search tool for Eclipse (designed and built by my mentor Doug Wightman and Zi Ye), you can view the video demo and other documentation at This GSoC project aims to improve and merge SnipMatch into Code Recommenders.
  • Orion - cooperation with contributors The aim of this project is to simplify cooperation between Orion's commiters and non-commiters. Orion is an open source project and this cooperation is essential for its further development. However at the moment merging changes from non-commiters is quite a time-consuming process.
  • OSGi Remote Services Testing framework for ECF OSGi Remote Services Testing framework is a eclipse plugin for Eclipse Communication Framework Using the framework user will be able to test the ecf osgi remote service inside the eclipse. Also this is based on the annotations therefore it is very easy to use