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Google Summer of Code 2012 The Eclipse Foundation

eTrice : Extended Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation

by Rohit Agrawal for The Eclipse Foundation

eTrice provides an excellent implementation of the ROOM modeling language, equipped with graphical (Graphiti) as well as textual (XText) editors for both structural and behavioral parts. ROOM ( Real Time Object Oriented Modeling) is a domain specific language for distributed, event driven, real time systems and provides the clearest, simplest and the most complete modeling concepts for the real time domain. Through Extended Model Validation and State Graph Proposal Generation Based on Protocol Semantics, the idea is to equip the protocol (set of incoming and outgoing messages for each port of the actor) with a semantic description defining the allowed message replies for each incoming message. This idea is very powerful as it would be able to check for incomplete and invalid state diagrams and generate proposals for state machine. More features and advantages of this idea are explained in detail in the following sections.