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Google Summer of Code 2013 The Eclipse Foundation

Drag and Drop implementation for SWTBot

by Rohit Agrawal for The Eclipse Foundation

Standard Widget Toolkit is a widget toolkit designed for Java to provide portable efficient and portable access to a range of user interface facilities of the operating system on which it is implemented. SWTBot was developed to test the wide variety of applications based on SWT and Eclipse. SWTBot is an automated Java based UI/functional testing tool which can run on any platform on which SWT can run. SWTBot includes most of the features required to automate UI testing making it a very popular and useful tool for developers. However, Drag n Drop feature, which is commonly used in applications nowadays, and more so on mobile devices, is missing in SWTBot. The project aims to provide an implementation of a fully consistent and cross-platform Drag n Drop function for SWTBot, enabling users to write unit tests for Drag n Drop functionality of their Eclipse and SWT based applications using SWTBot. The popularity of the request for this feature in the SWTBot community can be gauged by the length of the CC list on on Bugzilla . The proposed mentor for this project is Mr Mickael Istria (