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Moodle is an Open Source Course Management System (CMS), also known as a Learning Management System (LMS) or a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). It has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. Moodle currently exists as roughly 70,000 (registered) sites, servicing 70 million users, supported by a diverse, enthusiastic community.


  • A Moodle Plugin for Determining Quiz Authorship The BioAuth Moodle Plugin will utilize behavioral biometrics recorded during quiz attempts in order to verify the identity of online test takers. Instructors will be able to confirm or dismiss suspicions of cheating students and respond appropriately. The first release of the BioAuth Plugin will analyze keystroke dynamics and linguistic patterns in short essay questions, using recent breakthroughs in behavioral biometric authentication. The workflow of existing courses will not be affected, allowing a seamless integration for institutions who wish to adopt this technology and ensure academic integrity.
  • Course Search The project describe the integration of Apache solr as a 3rd party Search api with moodle course schema for the implementation of course search that is flexible, case-insensitive, works with non-latin languages, fast, and can sort results by relevance. It should be database independent or should supports as many databases as possible. This is a plugin that can be installed and configured to substitute basic core search.
  • Global Search Global Search will allow users to make a wide range of queries and fetching reliable search results. It will cover the entire Moodle site and display results from many modules. Global Search APIs will be developed by integrating Apache Solr for advanced full-text search capabilities. It will include real-time updates that would be happening in Moodle site through incremental indexing of records from Moodle database and all the uploaded rich documents in Moodle through cron jobs. The design will be scalable to accommodate other search engines using Global Search APIs. Configurable settings will be available to tweak search engine server, indexing and caching search results. The project Results will be displayed by matching keywords from all modules throughout the Moodle site. Security will be preserved throughout the search. Search Modules will enable chosen search engine integration with ease.
  • Portfolio Plugin for Evernote This project would basically aim to develop a plugin which would help users to connect and upload the required content to their Evernote accounts, which has some really nice features where the users can organize their things in a really nice fashion. This plugin would indeed help users to stay in sync with their Moodle profiles.
  • Scorm Player Rewrite The project aims at rewriting the current implementation of the SCORM player which uses Yahoo! User Interface Library 2. This will be achieved by updating the YUI2 code of the SCORM player to YUI3. Additionally, this project will also develop a new HTML5 player to deliver SCORM contents. This would inherently help in delivering SCORM content not only on the Desktop/Laptop browser but also on Mobile devices like iPhone, Andriod devices and tablets like iPad, etc.
  • Self-assessment activity using the question bank The basic idea is that the teacher sets up a bank of questions organised into categories, then the student can choose what questions they want to practice according to their convenience. This is about a student-centered learning based on the capabilities of the Moodle question bank.