GSoC/GCI Archive
Google Summer of Code 2013 Moodle

Global Search

by Prateek Sachan for Moodle

Global Search will allow users to make a wide range of queries and fetching reliable search results. It will cover the entire Moodle site and display results from many modules. Global Search APIs will be developed by integrating Apache Solr for advanced full-text search capabilities. It will include real-time updates that would be happening in Moodle site through incremental indexing of records from Moodle database and all the uploaded rich documents in Moodle through cron jobs. The design will be scalable to accommodate other search engines using Global Search APIs. Configurable settings will be available to tweak search engine server, indexing and caching search results. The project Results will be displayed by matching keywords from all modules throughout the Moodle site. Security will be preserved throughout the search. Search Modules will enable chosen search engine integration with ease.